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Wapping Theatre School

Wapping is in a state of deprivation with no new invest coming in to improve facilities and any social areas. To make matters worse recent scandels with News International has put a further black mark over the area. Wapping has become a forgotten gem of London, when once it was so reliant on its trades.
wapping needs a new identity and a new beginning so that recent tarnishes can be forgotten about. The pride of being in such a historic part of London needs to be highlighted and praised. The Wapping Project has made a start on this by transforming an old pumping station into a exhibition and restaurant space. This mixture of old and new has created one of the only social hubs in all of Wapping. However, more social spaces need to develop throughout Wapping.

The theatre school will become the new heart of Wapping by encouraging a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and ages to enjoy the variety of activities that are on offer. The school will be open all year round and encourages Wapping residents to patiscipate as volunteers to help with theatre productions. The school will give priority to the Wapping residents and offer free activities for everyone to join in even if people are unable to afford it.

The maintenance and running costs of the building will be provided by tuition fees for the school and the revenue brough in from the theatre productions. Along with this the accommodation at the rear of the site will be rented out which will bring in monthly payments that will keep the school going and over time the school can expand.

Hopefully over time the success of the theatre school will attract future investments to Wapping and demonstrate that the area has great potential to be a thriving hot spot for London, especially with the rich history behind it. Instead of more residential flats being built the investment can go into redeveloping existing facilities and producing new social spaces whereby a community spirit is able to develop and sustain itself over time.